I am Scott.  I create custom jean jackets that reflect my art.  I put passion in every piece of clothing I create.  The jackets I use are a soft stretched  Denim and a classic denim as well. Some are repurposed, customized and individualized.  Every jacket is one of a kind and unique.  None of my products are mass produced or made in bulk.  I use Swarovski crystals to enhance and add flavor to many jackets.  I offer both mens, women's and unisex designs.  
I got started when I was in Los Angeles doing background acting in 2019.  I created a custom jean jacket of my own for a specific role I was cast for.  Everyone on set wondered where I got the jacket and wanted to find one for themselves.  I had a vision of making other custom jackets and that is how Stitched Denim was born.  
My art reflects my passion for people in the streets.  By creating custom clothing , I Demonstrate another understanding of art and love in modern times.  
My goal was to make ordinary clothing extraordinary.  Live life to the fullest and be who you want to be.

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